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Save Gr$$n, Be Green

Buying and selling via consignment is a great way to give pre-owned home furnishings and decor a second life. Invest in valued, lasting furniture and score affordable pieces to create the home you have always wanted.  

Shop R.H.C

Each item is tagged with the

F.A.I.R. start price & a start date.

Over time the savings may increase!





Reasonable offers and negotiations may be presented to our friendly sales guides.......the longer it has been here the better chance you have of getting an even better deal than our already F.A.I.R. start prices.




Set up Available

What perfect piece are you looking for?

Wishlist Program

Email us about any piece(s) you are wanting. When we get it, we contact you. 

Sample photos and shared links are helpful.

The more details the better.


NO Hard sell; just Passionate and Honest information

Customer Attentiveness Regarding Everyone 

Every Style, Every Budget, Everyday




Roundabouts Home Consignments goes the extra mile to assure our buying patrons they are getting the best value. R.H.C researches pieces, inspects all items for flaws, provides comparables when available, and will detail any discoveries to you so there are no surprises. We do NOT push sales with the hard "used salesman" tactic, but rather provide passionate information gathered by our research. We will always make our best effort to provide an honest value.

Here at Roundabouts we are approachable. If you would like to make a reasonable offer, we are open to that discussion. We welcome discourse, communication, and questions from our patrons. We want your purchase to be a happy one and to not leave you with that yucky feeling of having had the wool pulled over your eyes. We would rather lose the sale than talk you into something you are on the fence about.

Roundabouts also welcomes you to shop around. The economy of pre-owned goods only grows from creating a community of like-minded people. We do not see competition; just more stores to help offset the carbon footprint of new-product manufacturing.

We have over two decades of construction, design, house flipping, retail and customer service experience to help you find a great solution to any design challenge. R.H.C implements the totality of this experience to give consignors and buyers the most equitable home goods and furniture shopping/selling experience in central Oregon.  

Come see what sets us apart!

Roundabouts Home Consignments is Bend's Approachable Furniture Store

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