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Environmental Principles 

     Our planet's longevity and power to provide may give the appearance of strength and durability, but now, thanks to humanity's abusive and lazy behavior the exact opposite is true. The earth could use our help to reduce the excessive carbon footprints being laid down by civilization. Everyone has the opportunity to help. Be it recycling, solar panels, electric vehicles, or buying pre-owned goods, every little bit helps. Whether your actions are small or large just please take some kind of action to help reduce your carbon footprint. Many small actions by the general populous can make a big impact.


     "Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects." - Dalai Lama

     Reducing our society's carbon footprint can drastically help the earth's life-support systems to reset, recharge, and recycle......

                                           SUPPORT THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY NOW!!

One of the largest arenas of the global carbon output is from furniture production. From sourcing the raw materials and minerals to the manufacturing and eventual shipping, new furniture takes a massive toll. Even the newest trends of "eco friendly" or "enviro goods" are creating a crushing output of carbon and a depletion of resources. Environmentally friendly goods made today have a footprint 20 times larger than anything found second hand. Plus, these products still off-gas for months and can go up in flames much faster than a down filled, solid wood piece from our store.


     Reused goods have already punched their ticket and are usually purchased within the local community therefore cutting out shipping and not creating more waste or pollution from packaging and delivering. If the world stopped manufacturing new furniture and home goods today, we could still have shopping options for nearly 50 years. Remember the days when you took your items to an upholsterer or a cobbler and had your items repaired or refurbished? Now we just throw away and buy new because it is cheaper and easier. Planned obsolescence and outsourcing have created a throw away civilization that is just sad and putting future generations' well being at risk. We at R.H.C don't believe in this wasteful behavior and implore you to make a difference with us and help combat this wasteful mindset by purchasing pre-owned whenever you can.

     Since R.H.C's inception in 2015, we have only been to the dump a handful of times after exhausting every option, time and overhead. We make every effort at our own cost to find homes for unwanted furnishings and home goods. Roundabouts donates, re-purposes, restores, modifies, and gives away whenever we can to avoid filling the landfills unduly. Here at R.H.C you can trust that you are getting a great value that has been thoughtfully made available to you with all of the aforementioned principles in mind. Roundabouts wants you to walk away with a great deal and the affirmation you helped the earth by shopping at Roundabouts Home Consignments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this soapbox rant,


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