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A little bit about us..

Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded



    "Our westward bound adventure began after packing up the kids, three dogs and our entire life from Colorado into a 26 foot moving truck, personal vehicles (even the in-laws truck was used) and trailer. Coming to Bend was a blind-hope decision with many grand ideas and brimming excitement. Reality hit us hard as we tried cramming our previous home's furnishings into the quintessential two story box home in Bend. Our kids were only 8 months and 2 years at the time so swapping out our furniture became a priority...and fast.  To save our sanity we needed to settle in quickly. And of course, being a young family with no current employment, saving on our purchases was key in our financial decisions. We also knew getting some money back for our current furnishings was imperative. The purchasing of goods from second hand and pre-owned stores would save us money and maybe even get us a little back via consignment.

     We visited some of the local choices for consignment and value stores in central Oregon. We didn't encounter what we knew as "the consignment store experience". From this, a conversation was sparked. This led us both to arrive at the same decision: let's open a place that is fun, friendly, fair, and passionate about honest value. Plus, a bonus, we would also be providing relief to the massive carbon footprint created by new furniture manufacturing and shipping. 

    Teaching our children how society can use recycling, reclaimed and pre-owned products to help the environment while simultaneously creating a welcoming and happy home was a major motivation for R.H.C's inception. When the opportunity came about for us to build this business, we jumped in and Roundabouts Home Consignments was born!

      Arriving at the name is another story........let's just say that furniture and its energy have a way of circling around again and again in our world."

 - Gavin, Husband & Co-Owner


Roundabouts Home Consignments was opened in 2015.


Alison and Gavin share a deep passion for home, a strong belief in environmental stewardship, and appreciation of "how we got here".....which now transcends into the furniture world.


Bringing consignment retail back down to earth with

big hearts and humble mind.


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