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Roundabouts goes beyond Consignment

Life doesn't need to be stressful....Let RHC help you clean up, clear out, and cultivate Environmental 


with our many Services



Need items hauled to donation, recycled or dump?

While we are either picking up your items for consignment, delivering your new pieces, or you just need to make room, Roundabouts can help you make the space you need to accomplish your goals.

Roundabouts keeps the environment in mind start to finish!

Recycling Bottles


Roundabouts believes in the extra takes work, dedication and strong core principles to build a better world.


RHC will do your junking as Eco-friendly as possible for any of your estate junking needs.

We will take to recycling, scrap yards, donation facilities, give away to our many networked connections or liquidate before finally being forced to go to the dump!


Basically we will make EVERY effort to find even slightly usable goods a new home before filling the landfill!



Roundabouts Home Consignments believes in giving all things a second chance! When it comes to furniture, people are sometimes too quick to throw away and unduly add to the garbage pile even if the fix is somewhat simple. 


RHC can Restore, Refinish, Repair, Renovate, and Reinvigorate your beloved furnishings or newly found treasures so they may continue to live on and be utilized and cherished for years to come.

Send us an email with pics. Or, if the item is small enough, bring it to the store for inspection after calling ahead to make an appointment.

Call us to book your FREE Estimate

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